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Dreiherrisches Gericht Building to 1760


The house is located in Beltheim, in the Hunsrück low mountain range, on the premier hiking trail “Traumschleife” and a 20 minute drive from the famous vineyards of the Mosel and Rhine River.

A bakery and a restaurant can be found in town. Kastellaun, a medieval castle town, 5 km from Beltheim offers plenty of shopping possibilities, grocery stores, physicians, pharmacies, an indoor swimming pool and restaurants.
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Ihre Mietkosten im Haus in Beltheim


40 € per person per night (children up to 12 years pay half)
There are special prices for weekends with a german holiday. Please ask for an offer.

Minimum stay: 2 nights
Minimum occupancy: 12 people (if less than 12, 12 will be charged)

Please note that we only rent the whole house, no individual rooms.

Final Cleaning Rate: 90.00€
Amenities such as water, electricity, fire wood are free of charge. Bed linen and towels are being provided.

Check-In: 3:00pm
Check-out: 11:00am, negotiable on an individual basis


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1st Floor/ Ground Floor/ Downstairs:

Living – Kitchen:

  • Ca. 460 ft² (43 m²) plus a 320 ft² (30 m²) patio
  • Seating for 22 people plus 3 high chairs
  • 42 inch Flat Screen TV (107cm)
  • Stereo with CD-Player
  • Fireplace incl. fire wood
  • Full kitchen with stove (gas, 5 burners), extra-large oven, side-by-side refrigerator & freezer with water & ice dispenser; Saeco Coffeemaker; electric water kettle; microwave; dishwasher; egg boiler



  • Toilette, Shower, Washing Machine, Dryer, Blow Dryer


  • Ca. 320 ft² (30 m²)
  • Grill, Seating, Umbrella


2nd Floor/ Upstairs:


  • Toilette, Shower, Blow Dryer

"Kids Room":

  • 2 Single beds 90cm × 200cm (US: Twin 35in × 79in)

"Kids Chamber":

  • 2 Single beds 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)

"Court Room":

  • 1 Single bed 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)
  • 1 Double bed 200cm × 200cm (US: King 79in × 79in)
  • TV

"Judge's Chamber":

  • 2 Single beds 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)


3rd Floor/ Attic:


  • Toilette, Shower, Blow Dryer

"Straw Chamber":

  • 1 Single bed 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)
  • 1 Double bed 160cm x 200cm (US: Queen 63in x 79in)

"Hay Chamber":

  • 1 Single bed 90cm × 200cm (US: Twin 35in × 79in)
  • 1 Double bed 160cm x 200cm (US: Queen 63in x 79in)

"Grain Chamber":

  • 2 Single beds 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)
  • Possibility for an additional bed

"Flour Chamber":

  • 1 Single bed 100cm × 200cm (US: Twin 39in × 79in)
  • 1 Double bed 200cm × 200cm (US: King 79in × 79in)

Additionally, two baby travel beds are available.

Historie the Dreiherrischen Gerichts in Beltheim

The former court in Beltheim has beenconverted into a comfortable living space with historical ambience,in close consultation with the historic preservation bureau. A date carved into the timber and adendrochronological analysis of the oak truss dated construction tothe 1760's.

The court has its roots in the MiddleAges, originally presiding over three territories with threedifferent rulers or "Herrscher"; and therefore, commonly referredto as the "Dreiherrische Gericht" (three ruler court). The threeterritories that bordered here in Beltheim were the Archbishopric ofTrier, the county of Sponheim and the county of Metternich-Beilstein.The court district also presided over the villages Beltheim, Buch,Burg, Dommershausen, Eveshausen, Lahr, Lieg, Macken, Mörsdorf, Mörz,Petershäuser Hof, Sabershausen, Uhler and Zilshausen.

Before the first artisans were able tobegin working on the renovation, a detailed survey was carried out bythe state historic preservation bureau, included a color analysis.Which found up to ten layers of paint were superimposed on each otherin some places, displaying the changing fashion trends from the lasttwo centuries.

In order to protect the building fromthe elements, the first thing to be completely replaced was the roof.The new slate shingles were laid in the traditional German stylewhich is mandatory for such historically valuable buildings. Oldphotographs of the house allowed dormer windows, which were closedoff in previous renovations, to be put back into their originalplace.

Although the roof and old truss didn'tshow any signs of beetle or worm infestation, the oak timber framingwas badly damaged, requiring mastercarpenter and craftsman Peter Etzkorn to find time-periodtimber to replace parts of the framing. While replacing the framinghe discovered some artillery damage to the house which was simplybricked over with the "timber framing" painted on to the brick.Needless to say, that the war damage was properly repaired, restoringthe house to its former beauty.

Umgebung Haus Buch